Cowboy Louie Pwerle

Cowboy Louie Pwerle was born in 1941 on Old MacDonald Station, where he grew up  living a traditional lifestyle with his family. Cowboy was encouraged to begin painting by his brother, Louie Pwerle (deceased), who was a well known Utopian artist. His traditional country lies on the Western side of the Sandover River on Utopia Station and stretches West on to Mt Skinner. Cowboy lives at Mosquito Bore, in Utopia with his two wives, both of whom are the sisters Carol and Elizabeth Kngwarreye.
Cowboy Louie’s artworks typically depict his Turkey Dreaming, telling the story of the bird travelling over various Traditional Sites. The painting represents the Dreamtime story of the bush turkey ancestor. The bush turkey in search of food roams the land leaving tracks through the soakages in Atnwengerrp country of Utopia in Central Australia. The dotted lines represent the tracks the bush turkey travels to soakages, which are depicted as geometric circles through the artwork.
His use of tiny micro dots is a trademark in his works. These dots have become a signature of Cowboy’s and they are recognised worldwide as his style, and they are exquisite to the eye. Cowboy has begun passing on his stories to his grandson, as his father and brother had taught him.

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