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What does Yubu Napa mean?

Yubu Napa is a Bulgul phrase from the Top End of the Northern Territory. It has a double meaning – Beautiful and To Do the Right Thing!

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Australian Aboriginal Art by Fabrianne Peterson
Gallery Talk, Members Event

Metallic Dreaming of Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa

Time: Wednesday, Dec/08/2021Dec/08/2021 - 3:20 pm - Jan/08/2030 - 3:20 pm /
  • 13NovemberSaturday
    Gallery Talk, Members Event

    Ready to Hang – Little Gems

    Time: Saturday, Nov/13/2021Nov/13/2021 - 2:15 pm - Oct/13/2023 - 2:15 pm /
  • 27SeptemberMonday
    Gallery Talk, Members Event

    Black and White Aboriginal Art

    Time: Monday, Sep/27/2021Sep/27/2021 - 3:00 pm - Sep/27/2028 - 3:00 pm / Online Exhibition

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    This new design by Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjimpa is spectacular!! Three Wime Dreamimg available now on pur website in various sizes
    #australianartist #indigenousart #fineart #painting

    Today is rememberence day, the day we remember the service and sacrifice of those who have died since World War I.
    Lest We Forget

    And the winner is…
    Audrey L Turner!!
    Using a ransom number generator online, we drew number 85. Listing all likers and sharers, Audrey was number 85 on the list.
    Congratulations, this is a stunning little piece from Margaret Lewis Napangardi

    We showed the beginning of this artwork a few weeks ago, and now we would like to present the finished painting.
    Gwenda loves to try new styles and techniques and really loved working on this one.
    Sized at 46cm x 30cm, this was her trying a new way of depicting the bush onion. Using a background of red and painting with white and yellows, the finished work is nothing short of spectacular! She has already begun this on a larger canvas. Stay tuned

    After sharing so many black and white pieces of aboriginal art, here's a big splash of colour for today
    Work in progress from Fabrianne Peterson
    #blackandwhite #aboriginalart #splashofcolour

    #springtime in #AliceSprings
    Spectacular weather here right now and we cant wait to welcome those who are starting to come out of lockdown to our region again

    There have been some cooler days and beautiful red centre skies these last couple of weeks. Just beautiful

    We truly do see some absolutely amazing work painted at our gallery and studio.
    Fabrianne Peterson has loved being given the opportunity to create new variations on her signature Damper Seed works. And to think, galleries and studios have always told her that she needs to stick to what works and not get too creative…
    I love hearing her say she needs a new canvas so that she can try some new idea if hers out.
    #australianartist #indigenousart #redcentrent #yubunapa #creativity #culture #aboriginalart



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