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The Premier Art Gallery in Alice Springs

Our Point of Difference - Meet our Indigenous Artists

Our Journey

Since 2010, Ric and Karl have dedicated themselves to working alongside Central Australian Indigenous Artists, fostering strong relationships that have been instrumental in the growth and success of Yubu Napa Art Studio. Originating in Sadadeen, their commitment has propelled the gallery from its humble beginnings to becoming Alice Springs’ most distinguished art destination.

Our Commitment

At Yubu Napa, our core mission is to offer the highest quality of artwork while ensuring the fair and ethical treatment of the artists we collaborate with. We provide a nurturing environment for artists to work in comfort and are committed to fair compensation for their incredible art. Encouraging innovation and storytelling through various painting styles, our studio has become a beacon for contemporary and original indigenous art.

A Unique Experience

Our gallery is not just a place to view exquisite art; it’s an experience. We pride ourselves on ethical dealings with our artists and contributing positively to the local tourism and hospitality sectors. Visitors have the unique opportunity to meet some of the artists, learn about the creation process of the artworks, and gain insights directly from the creators themselves, enriching their understanding and connection to the pieces.

Visit Our Gift Shop:
A Treasure Trove of Local and Interstate Creations

While our gift shop is not available online, we invite you to explore a small selection of our items and gift ideas below.

For more information or inquiries, please email us at

Bush Foods from Kungkas Can Cook

Keringke Artists Painted Ceramics

Small Indigenous Artworks

Australian Made Glassware

Pottery from Local Potters

Central Australian Photography

Handmade Australian Jewellery

Local Bush Medicine Products

Handmade Artefacts from Local Indigenous Artists

Ethical Licensed Giftware

Plain and Painted Didgeridoos

Windsong Windchimes

Local and Australian Woodwork

Woven Baskets and Sculptures

Chainstitch Rugs and Cushion Covers

Yubu Napa Art Studio offers a compelling blend of cultural education, ethical practices, and community support, standing out as the best art gallery experience in Alice Springs.

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