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Andrea Adamson Tiger

Andrea Adamson is a creative artist from the APY Lands in South Australia. She loves using a wide palette of colour when depicting the Seven Sisters story and has an uncanny ability to mix her paint colours to great effect. Using the classic APY style of dotting, Andrea applies her paint in a seemingly random way that tells a very complex and sacred story of the creation of her country by seven of the twelve sisters that her story talks about. These seven women created the features of the land as they fled from Wati Nyiru across the country by performing ceremony to trick him and hide from him. Andrea tells us that this country runs from Whyalla in the south right up past Uluru to Attila (Mt Connor) to the north.
Her profile is on the rise worldwide as galleries and collectors alike discover her amazing dipictions of this Anganu story. When visitors to the gallery meet Andrea, she delights in haring her stories with them and will often point out different features of the painting and explain their meanings. Andrea is definitely an artist to keep an eye on as her star rises, much like the stars of the Seven Sisters Dreaming.

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