Esther Haywood

Esther Haywood is the granddaughter of the late Gloria Petyarre. When Gloria would come to our studio, Esther would always join her here and both women would paint their beautiful colourful works.

Esther has grown up watching her famous Nanna painting and recalls being enthralled by the women of Utopia when they were creating their Batik works in the 1980’s. She says Gloria would tell the kids to stay away from the hot wax, but Esther was fascinated by the colourful wax and would dip sticks into it, with Gloria telling her to run away now. We laugh about this story every time Esther comes to our studio.

This talented young artist has a similar style to her Nanna, but we can always tell an Esther Haywood original Medicine Leaf. The colour and movement of this story was obviously taught to her by Gloria beautifully.

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