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Imitjala Curley

Imitjala Curley was born near New Well, near Ernabella, SA in 1953. Having spent her early years living in this area, Imitjala’s family relocated to Fregon, SA in 1961 when a cattle station was established. It was during this time in Fregon that Imitjala began spending time at Kaltjiti Arts, which started as a craft space. In these early years of Kaltjiti, Imitjala began making weavings and later started painting her stories on canvas as Kaltjiti Arts began following in the footsteps of other well-known arts regions of Central Australia.

Her works are highly sought after and instantly recognisable with flowing brush work being used to depict the stories of her homelands, such as Ngintaka, Kampurparpa and Ngapari among others. She is a highly respected elder from this area with a vast knowledge of the land and the customs of her people and is also a well known ngangkaṟi and this knowledge has been given to her by her own family.

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