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Jorna Newberry

Jorna Newberry is a talented Pitjantatjarra artist who was born at Angus Downs (Irrunytju) in 1959. Growing up on country here, Jorna learnt the stories and traditions of her ancestors and continues to pass this knowledge on to younger generations.

Jorna Newberry currently spends the majority of her time in Alice Springs, but visits her land with her family whenever she can, and loves continuing the traditions of her people as she teaches her children and grandchildren. Jorna often participates in traditional women’s business as well as hunting for Kangaroo and Goanna. Bush tucker, such as witchetty grub, honey ant and bush fruits are found in abundance here.

Jorna initially started painting in the mid-1990s at Warakurna. The stories of her land are portrayed in Jorna’s works. Waru (Fire Dreaming), Ngintaka (Perentie) and Walpa (Wind) are among the subjects depicted. Her use of delicate line and dot work has become her signature style, but often the artist will employ a loose dotting style similar to her famous uncle, Tommy Watson (deceased) as taught to her by him.

“Tommy has had a big influence on me. He teaches me to be respectful in the way I paint”

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