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Kukika Adamson

Kukika Adamson is a senior artist from the APY Lands in South Australia. She has strong ties to her country and primairily paints the Mingkiri Dreaming, telling the story of the tiny marsupial and how the women had to escape from Wati Nyiru when they became scared of him watching them dance. They did this by hiding in the little mouses homes and covering the entrance with rocks and dirt.

Kukika uses a bold palette of colour an applies thick dots around the story to create textured and glossy depictions of her stories. She is a highly regarded member of her community and has captured the hearts of collectors and galleries worldwide with her paintings, to become a renowned and highly sought after artist.

Yubu Napa is thrilled to be able to display her imaginative works in the gallery and love having her in our studio, where she often tells visitors the stories to her works. Occasionally she will sing these stories and show some of the dance that are performed as part of the Mingkiri ceremony.

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