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Lola Brown Nampitjinpa

Lola Nampitjinpa Brown, a notable figure in the Australian art world, first saw the world from the small community of Ti-Tree, located 193km north of the renowned Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Her childhood was imbued with the rich culture and traditions of her family, and it was this formative environment that shaped her artistic perspective. Willowra, where Lola spent her early years, offered a vibrant canvas of inspiration.

As Lola navigated the path of her early life, she relocated to Mt Allen. This transition marked a significant chapter in her life, as it was here she entered the institution of marriage, honouring the tradition of being “promised” to her first husband. Their family blossomed with the arrival of seven children, each of whom added a new element to Lola’s evolving artistic narrative.

Despite the bustling activity of family life, Lola’s devotion to her art never wavered. She was a regular artist at the Mt Allen art centre, her creativity flourishing in this communal space. Although the centre has since ceased operations, Lola’s artistic journey continued unabated. She now shares her time between Alice Springs and Yuendumu, making significant contributions to Warlukurlangu Arts since 2002.

It was in Yuendumu that Lola’s life entwined with that of her current husband, Christopher Japangardi Poulson, a fellow artist of high repute. Together, they continue their respective artistic journeys, each influencing and enriching the other’s work.

At the heart of Lola Brown’s art are the water dreaming (Ngapa Jurkurrpa) stories that pay tribute to Pikilyi (Vaughn Springs), a significant waterhole near Mount Doreen Station. These narratives, passed down through generations of her family, encapsulate millennia of indigenous wisdom and lore. Lola’s artistry, in its vivid expression and thematic depth, bridges the temporal gap, connecting her ancestral heritage to the contemporary world. Her work not only immortalises these ancient narratives but also reflects her personal experiences and insights, thereby adding a new layer to the timeless tapestry of indigenous Australian art.


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