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Monica Napaltjarri Jurra

Monica Napaltjarri Jurra, a Pintupi artist, was born around 1960 in the vast desert expanse south of Kiwirrkura, approximately 700 kilometers west of Alice Springs. Her artistic lineage is deeply rooted in the Aboriginal art movement, and her creative expression resonates with the ancient stories and sacred sites of her people.

Monica paints her country—the arid landscape that stretches between the communities of Kintore and Kiwirrkurra in the Western Desert of Central Australia.

Within this rugged terrain lie the sacred women’s sites, where generations of women have conducted important ceremonies. These sites hold the essence of tradition, spirituality, and ancestral connections.

Given its significance for survival and lore, Marrapinti frequently inspires Aboriginal artists from the surrounding areas. Their works pay homage to this sacred site, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary expression.

Monica Napaltjarri Jurra

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Western Desert
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