Suzie Reid Nangala

Suzie Reid Nangala has been surrounded by talented Aboriginal Artists for her whole life. Her mother is Barbara Reid Napangardi and her grandmother was Ningura Napurulla, perhaps one of the most recognisable indigenous female artists of the Papunya Tula art Movement. Suzie grew up watching these and many other family members painting the stories of their country and has been inspired by her mother, grandmother and aunties to depict these dreamings in her own style, often using the same iconography but adding her own spin by using a more modern palette of colour, as opposed to the cream and white her famous family members often used. She encouraged her mother to use a palette of bright bold colour when Yubu Napa was first working with these ladies and we have loved seeing Barbara take the advice of her daughter and letting Suzie pick out some modern colours for her to use.



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Western Desert

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