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Vicky Jackson Nangala

Born in Papunya, Vicky Jackson Nangala had been exposed to modern aboriginal Art from a very young age, having seen the emergence of the Papunya Tula Art movement and the artists who were a part of these early years. Her grandmother is the world renowned artist, Walangkura Napanangka, who was instrumental in shaping Vicky’s style of painting. With these family ties, her talent for painting the Dreamtime Stories associated with Walangkura’s home country of Karrkurutinjinya (Lake MacDonald), and Tjitururrnga to the west of Kintore. Women’s ceremony sites and Travelling Women (which relates to Dreamtime women who travelled from Tjitururrnga to the ceremonial site near Tjukula) are common stories told in bold, thick dots and bright colours by Vicky to create richly layered and modern variations of these ancient stories.

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