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Emma Stubbs

Emma Stubbs lives in Alice Springs with her husband and two children. She was born in Port Augusta and relocated with her family to Amata (which is part of the APY Lands, in Northern South Australia) as a young girl. In Amata, Emma was exposed to the traditional stories and ways of the Yankyatjara people […]

Alison Munti Riley

Alison Munti Riley is an award winning artist from APY Lands in South Australia who depicts her stories using a wide variety of colour. Typically, Alison pants My Country and shows the land that the women traverse using a classic APY style of dot work. Hills, sand dunes, rock holes and travel lines are shown […]

Kukika Adamson

Kukika Adamson is a senior artist from the APY Lands in South Australia. She has strong ties to her country and primairily paints the Mingkiri Dreaming, telling the story of the tiny marsupial and how the women had to escape from Wati Nyiru when they became scared of him watching them dance. They did this […]

Gail Napangarti

Gail Napangarti is a talented artist from the APY lands in South Australia who paints stories associated with her Grandmothers Bush Onion Dreaming. Using a palette of bright reds, oranges, yellows and whites, Gail tells the story of the women as they search for Bush Onions. Her dotting technique is neat and precise as she […]

Clarise Tunkin

Born in 1993 in Alice Springs hospital, Clarise is part of a large family of artists. Her mother, Teresa Baker a Pitjantjatjara woman from Kanpi, along with aunty Kani Tunkin and grandmother Kaye Baker (Daughter to Jimmy Baker) are all celebrated Tjungu Palya artists. Clarise rose to prominence in 2015 when her painting Minma Marlimu […]

Andrea Adamson Tiger

Andrea Adamson is a creative artist from the APY Lands in South Australia. She loves using a wide palette of colour when depicting the Seven Sisters story and has an uncanny ability to mix her paint colours to great effect. Using the classic APY style of dotting, Andrea applies her paint in a seemingly random […]

Damien and Yilpi Marks

Damien and Yilpi are a husband and wife team collaborating to tell the stories of their country, particularly Damien’s homeland near Papunya. They tell both the Women’s and Men’s Dreaming stories, not only employing traditional iconography and dot work to represent sites of significance, but also a palette of vibrant and bold colours. Damien was […]

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