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Dulcie Kelly Nangala

Dulcie Kelly Nangala

Dulcie Kelly Nangala is an established artist from Mt Liebig, located to the west of Alice Springs in the rugged and spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges. Her works depict the landscape of this region using a network of delicate lines of dots, which represent the Tali (Sand Hills) of the area. Her style has been passed […]

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri

Australian Aboriginal Art by Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri Ngoia began painting in 1997, painting her father’s country, which is a sacred Walpiri Territory associated with narratives relating to water snake. The oval shapes in her paintings are iconographic representations of the swamps and lakes near Nyrripi (Talarada) North East of Mt Liebig where Ngoia lives.

Rosalind Dixon Nungurrayi

Rosalind Dixon Napangardi was born near Town Bore Creek, east of Papunya in the early 1970’s. Rosalind is a Warlpiri woman who recognises the area around Haasts Bluff, where she grew up, as her home country. She paints designs associated with traditional women’s ceremony, including body painting motifs and the woven hair string belts that […]

Lily Kelly Napangardi

In her earlier years, Lily lived with her family at the settlement of Papunya, but later moved to Watiyawanu (Mount Liebig – 325 km west of Alice Springs) (with her husband Norman Kelly, also an artist). Lily is a respected senior law woman of her community of Watiyawanu, and the custodian over the Women’s Dreamtime […]

Lorna Brown Napanangka

Lorna Brown Napanangka

Lorna Brown Napanangka’s work is covered in a myriad of sections of design elements common in the visual language of the desert: concentric circles indicating sacred sites and other places; journey lines joining these; and clusters of U-shapes to represent people or ancestors in human form. It is a complex composition that suggests a visual […]

Fabrianne Nampitjinpa Peterson

Fabrianne Nampitjinpa Peterson was born at Papunya community, west of Alice Springs in 1965. She attended and lived at Yirara College for four years, where she completed Year 10. The acquiring of a good education was very important to Fabrianne, and in 1982 she worked at the local school as a teacher’s aide, as her […]

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