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Carbiene McDonald

Carbiene McDonald Tjangala

Carbiene McDonald Tjangala In these contemporary artworks, Carbiene McDonald Tjangala depicts four dreaming stories which he inherited from his father. Carbiene McDonald Tjangala was born in Papunya on 4th December 1961. His father is Snowy McDonald. He comes from a very artistic background; his sister is prominent Papunya Artist Martha McDonald. Carbiene however, didn’t begin […]

Candy Nelson Nakamarra

Candy Nelson Nakamarra

Candy Nelson Nakamarra uses a modern approach to creating the depictions of Kalipinpya, a story inherited from her father Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula. She uses a background of wet paint in different colours to begin the artwork and then “draws” using paint over the top of this original layer. The complex designs tell the Water Dreaming […]

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