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Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri

Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri was born in 1958 near Haasts Bluff, about 300km NW of Alice Springs. The area is home to the Luritja people, who have many Western Arrente and Pintupi family connections. Maisie’s language group is Pintupi. Maisie spent her formative years at Papunya attending school there. Her first teacher was Geoffrey Bardon, a […]

Ningura Napurulla

Ningura Napurrula was a young woman in her mid-twenties when she took her first journey out of the Gibson Desert in 1962 to Papunya with the Northern Territory Welfare Branch patrol. After their son received medical treatment at Papunya, Napurrula and her husband Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi were transported by another patrol back to their […]

Suzie Reid Nangala

Suzie Reid Nangala has been surrounded by talented Aboriginal Artists for her whole life. Her mother is Barbara Reid Napangardi and her grandmother was Ningura Napurulla, perhaps one of the most recognisable indigenous female artists of the Papunya Tula art Movement. Suzie grew up watching these and many other family members painting the stories of […]

Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri

Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri depicts stories of the Pintupi Tingari Dreamtime, which were handed down to her from her mother Ningura Napurulla and the other women of her community. Her works typically depict the Birthing Ceremony. During this ceremony, the newborn baby is bathed in smoke from the camp fire, wherein the child is held near […]

Susan Gibson Napaltjarri

Susan Gibson Napaltjarri depicts stories of the Pintupi Tingari Dreamtime, which were handed down to her from her mother Ningura Napurulla and the other women of her community. Her works typically depict the Birthing Ceremony. During this ceremony, the newborn baby is bathed in smoke from the camp fire, wherein the child is held near […]

Jacqueline Reid Nakamarra

Jacqueline Reid Nakamarra is one of the daughters to the very well-known and respected artist, Makinti Napanangka (dec.) and sister of Winnie Reid Nakamarra. Both of Makinti’s daughters have been painting the stories as passed down by their famous mother. Her paintings depict designs associated with the sites of Lupulnga, a rockhole situated south of […]

Tatali Napurulla

Tatuli Napurrula was born in Haasts Bluff in 1955 and grew up living a traditional life in the western desert. Her mother’s taught her how to survive in this harsh environment, how to find food, water, medicine, shelter as well as passing on the sacred women’s stories, songs and ceremony from this land. Tatali now […]

Angus Gibson

Angus Gibson is the son of Warlimpiringa Tjapaltjarri, one of the most recognisable Central Australian Indigenous Artists of thiese times. Angus has spent his life surrounded by his talented artistic family and has begun painting in the classic style of the famous Pintupi artists of Papunya Tula Artists. Often, Angus paints untitled works inspired by […]

Tommy Yannima Pikarli Watson

Tommy Yannima Pikarli Watson was a senior Pitjantjatara elder and Law man of Karima skin group. He was born around 1935 in Anumarapiti, 75 kilometers west of Irrunytju, also known as Wingellina, in Western Australia, near the junction of its border with the Northern Territory and South Australia. His given names of Yannima and Pikarli […]

Esther Bruno Nangala

Esther bruno Nangala is a talented young Pintupi artist from the western Desert who primarily paints the stories associated with Marrapinti, which is located to the west of the Pollock Hills in Western Australia. This dreaming has been depicted by many of the artists of this area, including Naata Nungurrayi, Doreen Reid Nakamarra and Esthers […]

Ruby Daniels Nangala

Ruby Daniels Nangala is an Australian indigenous Artist from Kultukatjara (Docker River), to the West of Uluru and Alice Springs. She is the daughter of the internationally renowned artist, Lynda Syddick Napaltjarri and is also the mother of up and coming contemporary artist, Samantha Daniels. Ruby’s painting have begun causing much excitement with collectors of […]

Fiona Young

Elsa (Fiona) Young was born near Pungkupirri waterhole near Tjukurla in Western Australia. She lived in Docker River and Warakurna before moving to Tjukurla with her husband Adrian Young (deceased), their children and extended family. She grew up in this country and feels a deep connection to the land and the traditional way of life […]

Thomas Tjapaltjarri

Thomas Tjapaltjarri was born sometime around 1964 in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. Thomas and his family which includes fellow artists Warlimpirrnga, Walala, Yukultji, Yalti and Tjakaria led a completely nomadic life until they emerged from the desert, coming to Kiwirrkurra in 1984. Dubbed “the Last Nomads” or “the Pintupi nine”, they had had no […]

Walala Tjapaltjarri

Walala was one of the original ‘Pintupi Nine’. The Pintupi Nine is a group of nine Pintupi people who lived a traditional hunter-gatherer desert-dwelling life in Australia’s Gibson Desert until 1984, when they made contact with their relatives near Kiwirrkurra. His artwork depicts the Tingari Cycle of the Pintupi from the Western Desert. These works […]

Katherine Nakamarra Marshall

Katherine mixes the traditional designs with layers of thickly applied dots, and as you view the artworks you get a sense of the important stories which are shared through the artwork on multiple levels – through the land and the emotional connection between women as they share stories and participate in ceremonies. Katherine’s works have […]

Gracie Ward Napaltjarri

Gracie Ward was born at Papunya in 1973 and is the daughter of George Ward Tjungurrayi and Nyungawarra Ward Napurrulla. Gracie paints stories associated with Muntati, a sacred women’s site where the Pintupi women gather before performing traditional women’s business.

Jeffrey Zimran Tjangala

Jeffrey Zimran Tjangala is a talented and creative young artist from the Western Desert. As well as creating stunning artworks, Jeffrey is also the lead singer of Tjintu Desert Band (formally Sunshine Reggae Band0. His music is available to stream or buy on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify. We often play his CD’s in our […]

Bambatu Napangardi

Bambatu Napangardi was born in 1940 at Winron, which is located in Western Australia to the east of Kirrwikurra. She gained her passion for painting as the wife of Dinni Campbell, who had been painting with Uta Uta Tjangala for Papunya Tula Artists for many years. Bambatu would assist Dinni in his artistic practice before […]

Damien and Yilpi Marks

Damien and Yilpi are a husband and wife team collaborating to tell the stories of their country, particularly Damien’s homeland near Papunya. They tell both the Women’s and Men’s Dreaming stories, not only employing traditional iconography and dot work to represent sites of significance, but also a palette of vibrant and bold colours. Damien was […]

Debra Young Nakamarra

The women’s stories which Debra is known for share the sacred knowledge of women’s places where Dreamtime stories are shared and handed down through the generations. She focuses on the geographical features of the Western Desert around Kiwirrkurra and Papunya, displaying rock holes, sand hills and caves. The traditional iconography represents meeting places and the […]

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