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Delvine Pitjara

Delvine Pitjara My Country – 46cm x 30cm DPI005


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Delvine Pitjara My Country – 46cm x 30cm DPI005

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Delvine Pitjara is the daughter of the late Glory Ngala and niece to the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye. An emerging artist in the Utopia region. Born in 1982 she is a mother and lives in Alice Springs with her extended family.
The lines of tiny dots combine to create a depiction of both the Yam Seed and also the Sandhills that are predominant in her home country.
This piece specifically relates to the sand hills and dry river bed that runs through her home country at Utopia. The ceremony is held by the women to give thanks for the abundance of the Bush Yam and its seeds, which can be found in this area.

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