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Metallic Dreaming of Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa

Dec/08/2021, 3:20 pm - Jan/08/2030, 3:20 pm
Australian Aboriginal Art by Fabrianne Peterson

Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa has been experimenting with metallic paint to tell her Damper Seed and Three Women Dreaming’s.  Her extraordinary use of Copper, Rose Gold, Gold and Bronze has left us mesmerised and we really needed to share these with you all. Her work has become highly sought after over the last few years and the experimentation Fabrianne has undertaken has gone a long way toward her popularity among lovers of fine art everywhere.

Referred to as Bush Damper Seed, Wangunu is Fabrianne’s delicate depiction of the tiny black seeds as they are collected by the women in coolamons. These seeds are ground into a fine powder, similar to flour, which is made into a bush damper bread. This is cooked on the edge of the fire in the hot coals and eaten while still warm.

This artwork depicts the Three Women with Long Hair as they prepare for Women’s Business. Shown in the painting are the women down the centre of the design. To the top left the ceremonial dancing stick can be seen. To the bottom left, the digging stick is shown with the coolamon on the opposite side. The women are surrounded by the Hairstring belts that are worn for the ceremony.

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  • Time: Dec/08/2021 - 3:20 pm Jan/08/2030 - 3:20 pm
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