Legacy: The Stories of Ningura Napurrula

Ningura Napurrula was one of the most successful of the Western Desert artists, male or female. Her works have become prized additions to Aboriginal Art collections worldwide and her style is easily recognised. She painted stories associated with the Women’s Business which was conducted at Wirrulnga, near Tjukurrla in Western Australia.

Ningura began her artistic career in 1996 with Papunya Tula Artists and was embraced by collectors from all over the world within a few short years. Her use of subtle cream and white for her dot work brought her work an elegance that was not often seen in Western Desert art, which was often painted using ochre sand rich reds and oranges.

Ningura’s stories and styles have been inherited by her daughters, Susan and Glenys Gibson. Her niece, Barbara Reid. Her granddaughter, Susie Reid. We wanted to showcase the work of these four amazing artists and present an exhibition of work by three generations of women from this incredibly artistic family.

Enjoy these works and see how all of the artists are telling the same story, yet giving the works their own unique touch.

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