Julie Robertson Nangala Pirlinyanu 30cm x 30cm JRO 004


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Julie Robertson Nangala – Pirlinyanu

JRO 004
30cm x 30cm
This artwork is offered stretched and ready to hang. Price includes postage and handling within Australia.

Julie Nangala Robertson is the daughter of world famous artist, Dorothy Napangardi Robertson. Her famous mother was one of the most sought after Australian Indigenous artists at the time of her death. Collectors worldwide had fallen in love with her minimalistic black and white artworks and the loss of this talented woman was a huge blow to the Art Industry as a whole.
Julie and her sister Sabrina have started to see an increase in the amount of attention their works have received. neither woman paints exactly like their famous mum, instead they have given the stories handed down to them by Dorothy their own individual style.
Julie paints stories associated with Mina Mina and Pirlinyanu. Usually using textured dots to tell these stories, Julie often depicts the sand hills or rock holes of these traditional lands.