Ningura Napurrula Wirrulnga 175cm x 145cm NING201302

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175cm x 145cm

Napurrula first painted in her own right in 1995, in the second year of the Haasts Bluff/Kintore women’s painting project. Following Tjungurrayi’s death in 1998, her painting activity increased dramatically. Her bold, intricate linework and dense monochrome infilling – as seen in ‘Untitled (Wirrulnga)’, 2000 – are reminiscent of Tjungurrayi’s earliest works. Wirrulnga is an important women’s rockhole site east of Kiwirrkura. Napurrula’s work is strongly charged with the seriousness of women’s business, echoed in the distinctive paintings of fellow Papunya Tula Artists, Makinti Napanangka and Inyuwa Nampitjinpa. Napurrula and Tjungurrayi’s sons, Morris Gibson Tjapaltjarri (Mawitji) and Adam Gibbs Tjapaltjarri, now carry on their mother’s and father’s work in their own paintings.