Kalimpinpa 91cm x 61cm NMA920



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This piece depicts the network of Tali (Sandhills) that run along vast areas of Nellie’s home country in the western desert, as well as the rockhole that can be found here – this is called Kalimpinpa.
These Sandhills (Depicted along the bottom of the painting) are set in parallel rows depending on the direction of the winds that have formed them. The valleys between these dunes can be either very productive and support a wider range of edible plants, medicines and wild life. Other areas can be remarkably barren, depending on the amount of water that has built up here and the quality of the soil.
Knowledge of these vast areas of sandy country is an integral part of day to day living in this rugged environment. Being rather high, it is often impossible to see what kind of country lies beyond each hill. The elders of these areas have travelled through this country often enough that they very aware of which places can offer sources of food, water, medicine and shelter – and this knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.
Kalimpinpa is a clay pan covered in a stony deposit that helped to trap water after heavy rains. This results in the propagation of wildflowers and other plant life, which the people of this area have learned to rely on for survival. Kalimpinpa is an electrifying storm site bringing lightning and thunderous downpours. The much-needed rains fill interconnecting creeks and rockholes. This abundant water in turn transforms the countryside, creating new growth across the lands and ensuring the ongoing cycle of life. The water, flowing from rockhole to rockhole, creates an essential resource for survival. There are ceremonies held here by both the men and women.

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91cm x 61cm

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