Water Dreaming – 91cm x 61cm CRY001

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Corrina Ryan is a talented artist who has painted mostly at Warlukurlangu in Yuendumu and Nyirripi, since 2007. Her partner, Quentin, is the son of world renowned Aboriginal artist Alma Granites. Seeing Alma and other members of her extended family at work has clearly rubbed off on this talented and artistic lady. Corrina paints the Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) from Mikanji. This waterway is usually dry on the surface, yet it is a place of many water soakage (a spot in the land where you can dig into the soil until the water table is reached). In one part of this story, the water Dreaming travelled from Puyurru, northwest of Yuendumu, to a ‘mulju’ (soakage) in the Mikanji creek. It unleashed a huge storm there. Two old blind women of the Nampijinpa skin group were sitting by the side of the soakages. As the two women strained their eyes to see the sky, tears formed in their eyes, creating the rain. Their spirits can still be seen at Mikanji in the form of two ‘ngapiri’ (river red gums) growing near the soakage.